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Today, thousands of people dedicate their lives to being company ladies, offering excellent services. Entrepreneurs are those who have requested to enjoy this service for many years for their important events. Today, company ladies are called prostitutes because their services are similar to this profession.

Prostitution has been a profession known for many years. Indeed, it is one of the oldest professions. In 2400 BC, it became known in temples or brothels of summary priests, who select the best to be "Sacred Prostitutes." They supported the Goddess of love, sex, and war Inanna, who protected them and the crown.

Despite the time and the fact that it is legal in several countries, this profession is taboo, and society does not accept it. They have commented that this profession is white trafficking. It comes hand in hand with slavery and does not represent women. Today they are called affordable independent escorts. At that time, prostitutes and received the best benefits from the gods.

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This profession has been labeled as San Diego escorts or escorts, with services with or without sex. Times have changed, and today, this profession is much more dangerous and criticized by society regardless of whether it is legal. It is incredible that these girls, despite everything, have asserted their rights and have spoken about what this profession is about.

The term prostitute is based on a woman who offers her sexual services in exchange for money and at a certain time. But best escorts, if they want, can work in agencies or be independent. They offer their company services for as long as you want. They are hired by people who constantly go to social events, and they pose as a friend or girlfriend.

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